Defining RAVOZ®

RAVOZ® is a brand of Ravoz Digital HK Ltd., an electronic manufacturing company which provides technological solutions and services, launched in the year 2018 and having its base in Hong Kong. Its major Research & Development division is located at the heart of world’s hi-tech city, Shenzhen, China.

Intending to connect all Asian Countries, a manufacturing hub with Research & Development Division, Ravoz Digital Pvt Ltd, was established in the year 2018 in India. To attain global reach in marketing and distribution, the company opened its Global Business Headquarters, Ravoz Technologies LLC, at Dubai in 2022.

RAVOZ® is a high-end Technology oriented brand that has keenly focused on building a digitally smart & futuristic space for the digital natives in the field of Smartphone technology, IT, Robotic Products, Home Automation & Industrial Automation etc… RAVOZ® has progressively launched itself by introducing cutting-edge solutions for the smart phone industry with its leading core technology outlook and a commitment to making life better for users around the world by developing a universal smartphone brand, that caters to all segments of consumers!

Apart from smartphones, RAVOZ® has gone on to introduce futuristic technology oriented electronic gadgets such as Smart Watches, IT Gadgets, Robotic Products, Home Automation Systems and continues to incessantly work on creating great revolution in the field of Industrial Automation!

Connecting to the future!

Our Vision

Offering innovative & revolutionary products to consumers globally, from all walks of life, for a greater living & influencing a better tomorrow!

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing products with cutting-edge, innovative, and high-quality technology and services that improve the user experience and contribute to smart living.

The Company Evolution

The journey of RAVOZ® Technologies began in the year 2018!
launched by RAVOZ Digital Hong Kong Limited, it brought out the first technically advanced RAVOZ® Smartphone Brand on November 20th , 2018 in the UAE! The event was presided over by Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ®, and Mr. Riyaz, MD of Ashtel Group of Companies, and Mr. Stanley, GM of Ashtel Group of Companies, who represented the Distribution Group.

Ravoz Smartphones was next launched in Bahrain on December 5th, 2018,
The event was presided over by Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ® , and Mr. Stanley, GM of Ashtel Group of Companies, Mr. Ashraf, Country Head, and Mr. Reji, Finance Manager, Ashtel Group of Companies

RAVOZ® saw its Oman launch on December 15th, 2018.
Presiding guests were Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ®, Mr. Stanley, GM of Ashtel Group of Companies, and Mr. Manaf, Country Head of Ashtel Group of Companies.

On January 2nd, 2019, the RAVOZ® Smartphone was released in Qatar.
The launch event was presided over by Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ®, Mr. Stanley, GM of Ashtel Group of Companies, and Mr. Jaleel, Country Head of Ashtel Group of Companies.

Next realease of RAVOZ® Smartphone was in Saudi Arabia on March 5, 2019.
The launch was attended by Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ®, Mr. Stanley, GM of Ashtel Group of Companies, Mr. Moosa, Country Head of Ashtel group of Companies, and Mr. Reji, Finance Manager, Ashtel Group of Companies.

On May 6th, 2019, the RAVOZ® Smartphone was released in Kuwait.
Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ® and Mr. Stanley, GM of Ashtel Group of Companies, were present at the launch event.

The RAVOZ® Smartphone was recently introduced in Nepal on November 18th, 2021!
The launch was presided over by Mr. Aneef, CEO of RAVOZ®, Mr. Hira, Director, Distribution Team, and Mr. Susheel, Director, Distribution Team in Nepal.

Every product from RAVOZ® stands out as unique since it’s designed and defined by cutting-edge technology that includes low latency, high bandwidth, device processing and data offload, as well as trusted computing and storage, quality and uniqueness! Best of all, the products come at an affordable price! The aim of the brand is to build products that can be accessible to people from all walks of life!

Let’s explore the journey of the Smart Edge Smartphone series according to their periodic release!
RAVOZ® has timely introduced smartphones that are technology-driven and cater to the most recent, cutting-edge technology! The power and popularity of Ravoz in UAE and across the GCC countries is only because of its best features like world-class Speed & Storage capacity, an expansive display, high-quality camera, built-in security & maximum mobility!

Here’s a rundown of the various models released and their distinguishing features:
The launch year of 2018 saw the release of the first 4 models, the Letter R, denoting the first letter of the brand! The incredible R series; R4 R7 R8 R9, is the best mid-ranger budget! This model offers an unmatchable bang for the buck, though it is a basic model! Whether it’s for communication, taking pictures, saving documents on the cloud or internet browsing! It comes with a great build quality that is all about durability, a great display and a great processor that stands to be the best at the price offered! RAVOZ® also entered the Indian market the same year! The sole purpose of this was to concentrate on creating a business hub for India and all Asian countries with a well-established R&D unit.

Year 2019:
The Z stands for the brand’s final letter, and Ravoz has developed a line of high-performance Z series! There were numerous features available to owners of the models Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, and Z8. This is what made the selection of models a deliciously sociable one: Wireless Charging : When using a smartphone with wireless charging, you don’t need to bother about plugging it in—just set your phone down on the charging pad and you’re ready to go!

Trend Setting Notch display:
A selfie camera can be included in an edge-to-edge phone display thanks to the trend-setting Notch display, a small cutout. The absence of a standard, rectangular screen has resulted in the device’s irregular shape, which is caused by a cut-out on one of its edges (often the uppermost one). It’s incredible 16:9 Super HD Screen Resolution will transport you to another world.

Year 2020:
The RAVOZ® crew never wavered in giving the best to its consumers even though the entire world was paralyzed due to an unanticipated pandemic! The Z3 Pro, Z5 Pro, Z5 Lite and Z6 Lite were among the best and most dynamic gaming series models that were introduced in this year. These models served as RAVOZ flagships and included the newest camera technology. They also marked Ravoz’s entry into the gilded world of high-tech smartphones by adding amazing features like the 20:9 Infinity Display and AI Recognition, Quad Rear Camera Setup, and AI Triple Camera! Along with the basic yet upgraded Z5 lite (which comes without a camera and GPS), Ravoz Smartphone changed the course of the Ravoz Smartphone brand to become a global brand.

The Z3Pro variant includes a 6.088″ HD + Waterdrop Display, a 4000 mAh Large Battery, a [AI] Triple Camera, a Helio A20, and a potent 12nm Quad-core processor to guarantee a fluid user experience as well as quick and natural switching between programs that simply perfectly suits your routine usage! The improved AI processing is a standout, just like in the Z5 Pro! Performance is substantially improved with the addition of an updated AI capability! The Z6 Lite has a Punch-Hole design, which has the obvious advantage of being much smaller than a notch and without interfering with your overall viewing experience. helping you to maximize your visual experience and achieve full display vision so you can discover the view of life! The Z5 lite packed with all the features of a basic smartphone except the camera and GPS because it’s ideally built for security-concerned places where camera and GPS usage is not allowed, especially army base camps and border security zones where security is of utmost importance to safeguarding the borders and staying under cover!

Year 2021:
Ravoz unveiled the incredible Z+ series!-Z3 lite, Z6 Pro, and Z7 Pro! Curated with the most recent features, this smartphone has everything a premium smartphone should have, as well as some incredible gaming and camera features! The advanced AI Camera Technology saves time by performing the necessary image processing/enhancement in real time! Z3 Lite: The Z3 Lite is an incredible life recorder with its 13 MP f/1.8 + VGA + VGA triple rear camera setup that justifies the size and complexity by adding value to your images! Low-light and proper optical zoom of 3x or more can be provided by the triple camera configuration! The beauty mode on the Z3 Lite intelligently analyzes the shape and features of your face by customizing and continuously optimizing the beauty algorithm, making your skin look more delicate and making it easy to create a beautiful selfie!
Z6 Pro : The MediaTek Helio G25 chipset is used in the Z6 Pro model, which provides mainstream gaming smartphones with the benefits of Hyper Engine technology, which provides smooth performance, increased power efficiency, and reliable, low-latency connections! It also provides excellent visual capture with its 16MP, f/1.8 AI Triple camera configuration and a 5000mAH Master long-lasting battery life! The 96 Megapixel Super Pixel Camera on the Z6 Pro allows you to capture the perfect portrait!
Z7 Pro : The Z7 Pro provides the ideal combination of excellent and cutting-edge features, as well as the best camera features, to present a great depth of an ultimate smartphone that you’d love to get your hands on! It is sure to impress you and make you want to flaunt it in style with its eye-catching 3D four-curved back cover and Norm Core Matte Design! The Punch-Hole design of the Z7 Pro with high screen resolution maximizes the view of the display for a more vivid visual and limitless field of view! It’s the best gaming phone with the Helio G90 Gaming Chipset! With a 5000mAH endurance battery and a fast charge of 18W!

Year 2022:
Following a successful run with smartphones, RAVOZ® has made some significant advances this year by introducing the best in class, the ultimate cutting-edge technology-based smartphone, V2. V2 smartphones let you explore a whole new world of smartphones! Unveil the most trendy & higher-end tech features like finger print sensor, 6.517″ HD Screen Waterdrop Display, offering you versatility with 13MP Triple Rear Camera & Clear HD Telephoto Lens for beautiful portraits, standard optical zoom, wide lens for classic landscapes, and Super Selfie, equipped with a specially designed Safe Face Unlock system, 3GB+64GB RAM & Memory, 5000mAH R-Charge, and best of all, in the most impressive 2.5D Glass design back cover that reflects your choice in style and many other striking features! The company has also successfully ventured into the digital world of smart watches! RAVOZ® introduced its most fashionable and fashionable smart watch series, which allows you to track your fitness, control your music and camera, track your heartbeat with a temperature monitor, and do a lot more with built-in fitness features to monitor your health, wellbeing, and communications. Not stopping at just that, always initiating to innovate, Ravoz plans to launch a new expedition in Dubai in 2022. A Global Business Headquarters that caters to the brand’s global outreach in all business advancements and marketing proliferation!

While these smart devices will be around for a while, the RAVOZ® team will continue to create industry-leading, technologically advanced, and highly inventive products! Over the years, RAVOZ® has successfully ventured into offering advanced and quality products and services in IT, Robotic Products, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, and Smartphones.

Ravoz next big step is to develop products based on AI-based home automation, work devices, wearables, and so on, allowing intelligent connectivity to provide safety and productivity while remaining connected at all times, anywhere, and with anything and everyone!

Keeping You always ahead!
Focus on the future!
Rooted in Quality!