The Ravoz R Series is here in Oman and it’s better than ever! Check out this media news coverage of our favorite shots from the Launch event of Ravoz R Series in Oman, on Media One!

Ravoz Smartphones – a Hong Kong based premium range smartphone wasintroduced in Oman by Mr. Aneef, CEO of Ravoz Company. The most important feature of Ravoz phones is that it comes with the most Hi-Tech features at an affordable price range!

Ravoz smartphone runs on the latest OS version of Android – 8.1 Orio. The OTA facility enables users to update new versions directly and easily.
The 4 outstanding models R4, R7, R8 and R9 were made available in the Oman market.

The two Astonishing models of Ravoz, R9 & R8 are of 6.2” and 6” wide displays with Full HD+ incell IPS screens. R7 and R4 are of 5.7” and 5.5” wide displays with HD+ incell IPS screens.
R9 – the flagship model of Ravoz, comes with a distinctive Notch display and Crystal Glass curved body carved with fine art finishing, giving an adorable and seamless feel! All 4 models are embedded with Superpixel technology which enables users to shoot up to 96 megapixel image outputs.